Increase your body's frequency for better health


Did you know that everything living has a frequency, or vibration?

This is a fascinating topic that I started learning about a few years ago, and although it’s a bit woo-woo sounding, a lot of it makes sense once you delve into it.

People say that the higher the vibration of the body, results in better health. This is one thing I know I strive for as part of a holistic lifestyle and having optimum health, as it’s something that can be quite easily attained.


The human body

Did you know that your body has a frequency of between 62-68MHz, and dis-ease can set it when it drops? For example you may become susceptible to:

  • Colds at 58MHz

  • Flu-like symptoms at 57MHz

  • Candida at 55MHz

  • Epstein Barr at 52MHz

  • Cancer at 42MHz

Pretty scary huh, that’s only 20MHz below the lower limit of the average body’s frequency!

What influences your body’s frequency/vibration?

A negative thought can lower your body’s vibration by 10MHz!

Knowing how little the frequency needs to drop from the above list, this is a HUGE number and something that we can change quite easily. How?

A positive thought can increase your body’s vibration by 10MHz!



A little note about coffee (since I am a lover of a good quality coffee!), some research has shown that when you just hold a cup of coffee it takes only 3 seconds for your vibration to go down to 58MHz (that’s when dis-ease can set in). When you take a sip of coffee, it takes only 3 seconds for your vibration to go down to 52MHz. Not good!

But don’t stress, I’ll tackle a solution to this later in this article.


Frequency of foods

Everything living has a frequency, so let’s take a quick look at how various foods rate:

  • Processed or canned food are 0MHz (yes, that’s a ZERO)

  • Dried herbs from 15-22MHz

  • Fresh foods and herbs from 20-27MHz

Keep reading to find out what has a frequency of 320MHz below!

Top tips to increase your body’s frequency/vibration

Now let’s look at some of top tips on how you can increase your body’s vibration to get the physical (and emotional!) benefits!

Positive thoughts

Be conscious of your thoughts, meditate, laugh, be mindful and grateful.

Begin a gratitude diary listing 5 things you’re grateful for before bed. And like the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Once you get into this pattern it will get easier and you will come across people that are like-minded and are most likely resonating at the same frequency/vibration as you!

Drink water, eat fresh foods

After looking at the frequency of foods it inspires you to look at incorporating more fresh foods into your life, as this is one way you can influence your overall frequency.

And as you move away from processed food and incorporate fresh and whole foods, the inflammation in your body declines and you tend to feel a lot better and more energetic too.

Move your body

Move your body! Get outside into some sunshine and get your blood pumping or do some dancing. We all know we usually feel a lot better after some exercise or a walk, so it makes sense this increases your body’s vibration also.

Essential oils

Smell some pure essential oils!

Did you know that essential oils start at a frequency of 52MHz?! That’s the highest rating even when comparing to fresh foods.

The key to this though is to make sure they are pure and unaltered and have no synthetics added (otherwise that rating will become a ZERO). You want to preserve the lifeblood of the plant, so this needs to be extracted very carefully to ensure the full botanical fingerprint is maintained and is then able to have the desired effect on our body when we simply inhale them, or apply them onto our skin.

I use Young Living essential oils as they own or co-own many of their own farms and have stringent quality control measures in place (and for environmental and sustainability reasons). They even have 3 farms in Australia now which is so exciting! To learn more check out my essential oils section on my website, and I have no doubt that’s why they also play a crucial role in the Aroma Freedom Technique process that allows people to shift negative emotions.


Here are some of the frequencies measured from Young Living’s individual oils and blends:

  • Peppermint - 78MHz

  • Lavender - 118MHz

  • Frankincense - 147MHz

  • Thieves blend - 155MHz

  • Joy blend - 188MHz

  • Rose - 320MHz!!


For me the most interesting of these oils and its frequency is the Thieves blend. This is generally an oil that is used to defend and protect and keep us all healthy especially during the change of seasons. And now knowing what we know about keeping our body’s vibration as high as possible to keep us well, I guess this makes sense and a great one to use daily on us and the kids (soles of the feet, along the spine before they go to school or work).

What about coffee??

I know I promised you a solution…a research study has shown that when you remove the coffee and breath in the aroma of one of these essential oils, it takes only 21 seconds for your vibration to return to normal! Hooray! Compare this in comparison to no essential oil being used it would take 3 days to return to normal.

I know what I’ll be doing from now on as I enjoy my coffee!