Tips to get kids involved

My little girl Mia just turned 3 years old a few days ago - and on the day enjoyed a very special birthday treat (a blueberry macaron) when we were on our way back home from our road trip through Nambucca Heads :-) And this really got me thinking about how much she’s been involved over these last few years with regards to eating whole nourishing foods, and our approach to continually educating her so she can take these life skills with her throughout her life.

Which brings me to share with you 3 tips on how to get your kids involved, and hopefully get them to try some foods that you would normally never dream of them trying!

1. Get excited about veggies!

Try to remember how excited you were when you last put a birthday cake in front of one of your kids - now did you get as excited as this when you first tried to introduce broccoli?

In all seriousness though - if you think about your facial expression and expectations of you thinking that they’ll never eat this food you’re about to give them…would you be excited to try it? Kids learn by example, so stay excited, keep eating it in front of them, and keep offering it to them. It can take more than 20 exposures to a food for some kids to even try it - so hang in there, it’ll be worth it!

Also point out how beautiful they are and their textures and smells, do little dances with them – whatever it takes to get them to smile and get excited! E.g. Romanesque cauliflower (seriously Google this if you don’t know what this type of cauliflower looks like!), broccoli, cabbage, papaya, silverbeet, celery.

2. Take them to the markets and shops

Educate them about different veggies and fruits and point them out when you buy them and get them to help you pack them away at home (double bonus there!). Then give them a choice about what they’d like to have for dinner that night using these new veggies and fruits that they’ve just learnt about.

3. Grow your own herbs or veggies

Try and grow some of your own herbs of veggies. Then water them together, watch them grow together, and harvest them together.

This is timeless and precious knowledge and will give them an appreciation of where food comes from (and not just ‘from the fridge’ or ‘from the supermarket’!) and what it takes to grow…lots of love and care…and patience ;-)

I hope these 3 short tips have given you some different ideas to try - and if you have any I’d love to hear them too :-)