Have you read the ingredients list on your personal care or baby products recently?

Do you know what all of them actually are?

Are they known carcinogens?


Did you know that whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed and ends up throughout your body in a matter of minutes?  Given that information, if you answered ‘no’ to the above questions, then it’s time to dig deeper.

Pretty scary isn’t it, I just assumed they would be safe…but they weren’t.

This was the turning point for me.

I had to look for chemical free alternatives that could help support our health and wellness.  In particular for my little girl, Mia, who was 2 years old at the time when I discovered how many dangerous chemicals were in the products I was using on her!  I felt guilty, outraged...and responsible.  My aim is to always try the most natural option first, as I'm sure many of you can relate to when it comes time to what we put into, and onto our precious babies.

After a lot of research into natural and safe products and ingredients I discovered essential oils, which have totally transformed my life.

When we first started using them, Mia referred to the different oils that she wanted by name.  To this day the Peace & Calming blend is still her favourite :-)  We now also have a little boy, Sam, who is well and truly a lover of essential oils, though he's more of a Lavender kinda guy! It's been such a blessing to have such practical and effective products at my finger tips to turn to as my first option.


As parents all we wish for is for our kids to be healthy and safe from all harmful things, this includes what we put in them and onto their skin.
— Emmely


This is where my motivation started, to find safe and effective products that the whole family can use, and are also safe for our environment.

My purpose is to educate others on how these can be used effectively in your life, and that there is another way. I want to make an impact on this planet by leaving it in a better state than I found it. I want us, Mia, and Sam, and their kids (and so on), and you, and your kids, to be happy, healthy and vibrant and enjoy this one beautiful life that we have!


ylang ylang grown at guayaquil farm in ecuador

ylang ylang grown at guayaquil farm in ecuador

So what exactly are essential oils?

Lovingly harvested from farm-grown and wildcrafted plants, herbs, and trees across the world, essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained by careful steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping.  Plants depend on these to grow, evolve, and adapt to their surroundings.

They are the plant’s immune system and life force, so also play an important role in defending against insects, disease, and harsh environmental conditions.

These pure essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they are extracted. Young Living offer hundreds of single oils, blends, and oil-infused products, each containing the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring constituents to maximise their potency.


Is there a difference in quality?

YES! Young Living essential oils are by far the most pure and potent essential oils I have experienced and compared. I am absolutely humbled at the number of people who have compared their other essential oils to Young Living. They knew that something about these were different, and now use only Young Living.

Their comments were that they were alive, potent, pure and authentic. No marketing hype required.

I also have friends who are extremely sensitive to chemicals, and after trying other leading brands of oils and reacting, they switched to Young Living and were able to use them without any concerns or irritation.

Please read more at Why I use Young Living, this is such an important topic and deserves the time to look into it and research. After all - you don't want to ditch your toxic chemical products and switch to using adulterated essential oils that contain chemicals! This is big business, and adulteration is a big, and dangerous problem. Not only for your credit card, but dangerous for your health.


Why and how to use essential oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years because they are so incredibly versatile!

They can be used aromatically to lift your mood, help to relax you for a good night’s sleep, or keep the air clean from airborne bacteria.

They can be applied topically directly on the skin to soothe your muscles after some exercise, or help to energise your breath, or just smell good!

They can also be used to add to your favourite recipes, or taken internally.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, click to learn more including an online class which shows you what my Natural Toolkit looks like!

How to get started

The most popular and cost effective way to purchase these essential oils is to get your own wholesale member account.  Don't worry it's really easy and all done online, just like most other online shopping experiences. 

This gives you access to the same wholesale prices I get, which is 24% off retail for at least 12 months with no lock-ins, minimum spends, renewal fees or re-selling requirements.

Why I use Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils resonate with me on every level, from their unique Seed to Seal® process that ensures the purity of their 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils to the uncompromising ethical nature of the company.  

I also love supporting the Young Living Foundation which is dedicated to providing wellness and education opportunities to underserved communities, building schools, and rebuilding communities after devastating natural disasters.

Build your own lifestyle business

Do you simply love using these essential oils, nutritional products, or the Savvy Mineral makeup and want to know more about the possibility of building your own business by sharing these amazing products?

As part of my rapidly growing and incredibly vibrant & passionate team, I will personally guide you through the entire process.  You'll never feel alone knowing that I'm only a phone call away.

These products are so unique and special that they really do sell themselves; you just need to use them, love them and tell people all about them, so I invite you to just take a look!