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Natural Wellness for Babies and Kids

  • Peregian Springs Drive Peregian Springs, QLD, 4573 Australia (map)

Let’s talk about creating a natural wellness toolkit for your babies and kids using natural remedies, and also pure, authentic and potent essential oils. As a mum with 2 young kids, I want something that is simple and effective to keep them happy and healthy, and my philosophy is to keep them strong and robust. Having a simple toolkit at home is how I achieve this, and this way I can act as soon as any of us have a dip in our energy and overall wellbeing.

I also don’t want to compromise what I put on my family’s body, and I want it to work, and be cost effective. Want to learn how?

Join me for an educational and fun class where I'll share information about:

  • What natural remedies to have in your cupboard and when to use them

  • What essential oils are and how to use them safely on your babies and kids

  • Which oils do kids love (and will ask for!)

  • Favourite recipes including all of these (e.g. creating your own winter honey drops!)

Why would you want to learn about a chemical free life? 

One of the biggest challenges of our time right now is chemicals. There are over 100,000 toxic industrial chemicals in use today. As a woman we are exposed to 300 a day, 80 just before breakfast!

And our babies and kids? Well their skin is even more sensitive which means they’re even more susceptible to these chemicals. And we can see this with a rise of allergies, skin conditions, digestive and emotional issues within our kids today.

When exposed to chemicals on a daily basis over and over they affect your long term health. They disrupt hormones, lower immune systems, affect our emotions and our general wellbeing is compromised. 

Especially with young babies and furry kids (2 border collies ;-)) around, I was absolutely astounded at the amount of dangerous cancer-causing chemicals in each of these products! I know I had a huge amount of GUILT sweep over me...I'd been using these toxic products on my first baby girl for 2 years.

I felt like I had failed her as her mum and caretaker.

This is why I looked into ways to support me and my family using natural options as much as I could. And this is when I first came across Young Living Essential Oils and this is why I added these to my natural wellness toolkit.

Since then, I am extremely passionate about replacing as many of the chemical products in our house as I can, and more importantly educating others on how to do the same, and how easy and cost effective it is. 

We can't control everything, but we can take responsibility for what we allow into our home.

I would love to share with you how I have done this and hope it inspires you to do the same for you and your family.

Emmely xo

Where: Peregian Springs (address upon RSVP)
Register: Free - please contact Emmely via, text/phone 0408 700 411.