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Revitalise me and my home using essential oils

  • Peregian Springs Drive Peregian Springs, QLD, 4573 Australia (map)

Walk with us in a hands-on free essential oil class. Georgia and I will show you the best uses for essential oils all around the house! You’ll also learn how to create your own day spa products you can take home.

Room by room we'll explore cleaning and personal products you might store within your home. Unfortunately, many of these contain toxins. These toxins then evaporate into the air that we breathe. When sprayed, wiped or mopped, they are absorbed by our skin. Our innocent kids or pets may even ingest small amounts when their food or toys come into contact with the chemical loaded products. We all want a clean house but there is a safer way to do it.

Why bother doing this? Well the biggest challenge of our time right now is chemicals. There are over 100,000 industrial chemical in use today. As a woman we are exposed to 300 a day, 80 before breakfast.

When exposed to chemicals on a daily basis over and over they affect your long term health. They disrupt hormones, lower immune systems, trouble our emotions and our general wellbeing is compromised. Perhaps you have a current state of dis-ease and it’s affecting the quality of your life.

Georgia and I want to help you and your families revitalise your home. We will do this by showing you how to replace toxins with simple and natural options. We will teach you all about essential oils, show you which oils you can incorporate for effective cleaning. At the same time we’ll make your place smell amazing.

Come along to the class and you will take home a simple low-toxin cleaning recipe booklet as well as an oil-infused cleaning product.

And as a fun Christmas gift to you, Georgia and I will help you make one of the other personal products which you can then take home. This could be a refreshing body scrub, a revitalising bath soak, or a nourishing face moisturizer (recipes confirmed closer to the day). They’re a really thoughtful and beautiful gift for a loved one! Or just do what I would do and keep it for yourself- treat yourself for once! 

Can't wait to see you!
Georgia & Emmely

Where: Peregian Springs (address upon RSVP)
Register: Free - please contact:

  • Emmely:, text/phone 0408 700 411; or
  • Georgia:, text/phone 0405 492 181