Soothing muscle blend

Over this last month, I have made a blend of essential oils specifically for relaxing muscles and supporting healthy ligaments and joints for about 8+ people! Think of knees, lower back, shoulders, neck, hands, wrists, fingers – I have been so amazed at how people have told me they feel after only a few minutes!

I carry a roller of this blend in my bag at all times. As soon as I can feel that my shoulders are up with my ears and feel some head tension coming on out it comes. On the temples, back of my neck and along the top of my shoulders.

You can read about my essential oil experience so far here including how to get your your hands on these oils, and hope you enjoy this recipe!




  1. Mix all of the ingredients into a small glass airtight jar.

If you would like extra support for healthy ligaments, then you can also add in 5 drops of Young Living Lemongrass essential oil – makes it smell really fresh then too :-)