Are you ready to transition to a chemical free life?

If what you’ve read so far resonates with you - I simply invite you to try them out for yourselves, as that’s really the only way to really FEEL what they can do. And then no one else can argue with that!

I just want to thank you again for investing your time in watching and reading all of this information here. And, I am so excited for you! I remember when I got my first kit of oils - wow I  had no idea what a turning point that was in my life! And remember…

We can't control everything, but we can take responsibility for what we allow into our home.


Hope you enjoyed the info so far?? And were you surprised about all the other things that Young Living has to offer? Like the natural Savvy Minerals makeup?!!

And is there a few situations in your life right now where you think some of the oils I showed could support you?


Premium starter kit with desert mist diffuser

Premium starter kit with desert mist diffuser

Premium Starter Kit

The most popular and best value way to get started is with the Premium Starter Kits.  This also gives you free access to wholesale prices which is 24% off retail prices for LIFE, and no lock-ins!

Theses allow you to really discover and experience the products, and for me there was no turning back once I experienced these products for my own family! Remember there are over 5 million Young Living customers globally, so they must be effective or you wouldn’t keep buying them right?!

They are safe, they are effective, and they are cost effective. 

I’m not compromising what I use on my kids. 

I researched and compared other brands (side by side), they don’t even come close to the potency and authenticity of these oils. I have many friends that now use Young Living and the first thing they all told me was “They’re just so much more pure and potent!”.

Starter kit contents

The most popular starter kit is the essential oils Premium Starter Kit, where you get 11 incredible oils and you choose your favourite ultrasonic diffuser for FREE! These start from only AUD$259 (pictured above) with well over $400 worth of value!

This kit contains most of the oils we’ve looked at today so you can see you’ll have all the essentials to get started! It includes:

  • Lavender

  • Lemon

  • Peppermint

  • Frankincense

  • Copaiba

  • Pan Away

  • Thieves

  • RC

  • DiGize

  • Purification 

  • Stress Away!

It also contains sample packets of NingXia Red super juice, Thieves hand sanitiser, a rollerball (great for Stress Away!), and more. It’s everything you need to discover the products for yourself and get immersed in the Young Living lifestyle. 


Transitioning to a chemical free life

If this info sparked something inside of you, then there's an easy & cost effective way to transition to SWITCH & DITCH the chemicals one month at a time and create your customisable monthly wellness box!

  • Earn between 10-25% back on EACH order as part of the free Essential Rewards program, and redeem on ANY Young Living products (oils, makeup, supplements etc) of your choice!

  • You also get access to extra freebies, discounted bundles and shipping exclusive to Essential Rewards members, and you CHOOSE what you want to order each month so you can plan this transition to fit in with your budget and priorities. 


So once you get your Premium Starter Kit, you can choose from these discounted bundles which include with NingXia Red, 4 pillars of health supplements, Thieves cleaning products, kids products and more. 

This is a great way to plan out your transition to a chemical-free life over the months and DITCH and SWITCH to these natural, safe and effective oil-infused products.

This is a completely transparent and optional program! To earn these reward points a minimum 50PV order (only ~AUD$20 per week) is required. You can even skip a month, or cancel and rejoin at any time for free. This will only affect the earning rates on your Essential Rewards points which is:

  • 10% for months 1-3

  • 20% for months 4-24

  • 25% for months 24+

That’s a little better than my fly buy earnings where I feel like I need to spend $10,000 to get $10 back!

Let’s get you started


If you’re ready to change your life with essential oils then let’s get your started!!

Go to and ensure your country and language are correct

Keep the 'Member' option selected to get the 24% off wholesale member account (not 'Retail customer')

Ensure my member #2087425 is pre-filled for the enroller and sponsor (if you were referred on by a friend who invited you here - let me know via email to ensure I can allocate their member number to say thank you!)

Complete the process and choose if you'd like to join the monthly Essential Rewards program to earn FREE oils and products and transition to that chemical-free life. I recommend you select this now as this instantly gives you ~AUD$15 worth of points to redeem later!

Select or search for desired 'Premium Starter Kit'. I recommend the Desert Mist diffuser – it’s just beautiful!

Once your account has been created and your order placed, I’ll be in touch to organise your additional resources, special GIFT and get you started!


Want free oils?

Did you know that you can get your oils for FREE?

If this information today really hit home, and inspired something inside of you, then you will no doubt already be thinking of how many close people in your life could get benefits from the oils that we mentioned today and transitioning to a chemical-free lifestyle!

Whether it’s showing parents that there’s a natural toolkit they can use for their kids, things they could try to create a calm environment and encourage sleep, knowing there are effective tools for both physical and emotional support for the kids (AND parents!), using products for cleansing & makeup that support healthy skin, helping friends with their weight management goals, or helping others manage their pain from osteoarthritis?


Once you start using these natural oils and products and see the benefits for yourself, you won’t be able to stop others from asking what you’ve done and what you use! Your RADIANCE will beam from you and people will be attracted to your energy and want what you have. 

So you just tell them how you took your first step! You can point them to this online class, and then show them how they order their Premium Starter Kit. Love it, share it. Simple as that.

For each friend or family (or stranger that will become a friend!) you refer to also invest in one of the Premium Starter Kits (in the same month as you placing an order), Young Living will give you a AUD$65 thank you!! That means if you get another 4 friends then your Premium Starter Kit is FREE!!

That’s how I got started, pretty cool huh. Then do the same to get my monthly orders paid for.

Free wellness for me and my family.

But most importantly, just think what the RIPPLE EFFECT is of you having impacted another family with these products. Whether it’s helping them live in optimal health or helping financially – what an amazing gift to have been able to serve them in this way!


Thank you!

I am so GRATEFUL for you time, and hope you enjoyed all the information I’ve shared with you today!

These oils and products have had such a bit impact on our life, and have no doubt in my mind that they will do the same for you.  

The people that I have met through this…are truly amazing. We connected through these essential oils, but our connection is now so much deeper as we spread the message of CHEMICAL-FREE LIVING, something that we are all so passionate about!

For ourselves, our family, our kids…and having a positive impact on the ENVIRONMENT by ditching as many chemicals as we can and leaving it in a better place for our kids to thrive in!

This company has allowed me to work from home so I’m able to stay and look after my little babies. I can now drop off and pickup up my little girl every day as she’s started school. I can be there when they have special celebrations. This has given me the FREEDOM (both time and financial) to choose the life we want to live. Having this CHOICE is just so powerful. 

If this is appealing to you – then let’s chat and show you how we can choose that freedom for you too and have wellness, purpose and abundance in your life too.